| Witnessing Art As It Unfolds |

A few weeks ago omnivorous came across an article on some clever artwork by Geoffrey Raymond, based on Lehman Brother's epic collapse. As shell shocked workers were filing out of headquarters with cardboard boxes in tow, he invited them to grab a Sharpie and jot down their thoughts about newly former boss Richards Fuld onto his fresh painting. Since many of these professionals wouldn't dare comment to journalists, this was a brilliant window in. [It's safe to say no was exactly wishing Fuld well.]

Well today Raymond was at it again across from the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. This time with ex-Fed Head Alan Greenspan as his muse. And thanks to a few errands, omnivorous was there not just to see it unfold, but to become part of the art itself [third from top].

This sort of participatory art is very 2.0. With the immediacy of a blog post, Raymond is able to capture the present mood of these crazy economic times in a very modern way.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the paintings can be yours for the recession-special pricing of just $15,000.

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