| Halo 3 vs. msnbc.com |

This year's Webby Awards nominees were announced earlier this week. Needless to say we'd have rather faced off against campaigns for soap and insurance than cool products like a video game, a beer, a sneaker company and a rock band. So to all you dear readers, who most likely got here accidentally through a Google image search, won't you please cast your vote for the underdog, msnbc.com and the A Fuller Spectrum of News integrated branding campaign.

Not only will you get good karma, but Bill Gates is giving 100 shares of Microsoft for each vote, a Nigerian friend is giving half of a $17 MM inheritance. And for a limited time, you'll get ten years of good luck for every ten people you forward this to.

Please register and vote here: Webby's People's Voice
Interactive Ads > Integrated Branding> A Fuller Spectrum of News.

Thank you!

UPDATE 5/8: Holy crap, we won the actual Webby!