| Where's my friggin' Puppy Chow? |

The Skyliner is a neat, little device a friend successfully introduced to the U.S several years ago. It’s a rotating toy that creates glowing messaging with a spin of the wrist. But now it seems the technology has gone to the dogs. Literally. Two Brits have envisioned the LED Dog Tail Communicator, a Frankenstein version for dogs that translates canine body language to human written language. So at 50 wags per minutes [W.P.M.], the tail would glow, "I WANT TO GO OUT". At 80 W.P.M. it might display "I REALLY LOVE YOU." You can only imagine what it says when Fido gets zapped by the electronic fence.

There's a wide range of other cool, creative and strange things to explore at MoMA's Design and the Elastic Mind online exhibition gallery, including Graffiti Archeology, A History of Game Controllers and Smell + [Rated R].