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sıɥʇ ǝʞıן sǝʇɐpdn ʇsod

Here's a nifty ʞɔıɹʇ ǝןʇʇı to turn your text 180°.
(And see a gallery of upside-down celebs here.)

Wonderful web failures

It's always good form to fall back on humor and/or art when the site experience breaks down.

Mint maintenance: (10/15/09)

Daytum fail page: (4/11/09)

"Twitter is over capacity"

Twitter: "Who goes there?" [suspended/suspicious accounts:]

Twitter: "Something is technically wrong:"

Daytum = metrics for the masses

Graphic designer Nicholas Feltron, creator of the wonderfully compulsive Feltron Annual Report, has proliferated his chart-making madness.

Follow my poker winnings, Netflix rentals, running mileage and recent odd NYC moment sightings here.

HyperSpin Pinball. Jackpot!

The Addams Family took pinball to the electronics age:

HyperSpin takes pinball to the computer age:

Hillary still running for President?

[Screen grab taken February 16, 2009 (President's Day).]

Possible explanations why Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIn profile still reads Candidate for President:

• She’s having trouble being referred to as secretary.
• To put the exclamation point on Obama’s social media mastery.
• The campaign worker who set up the account is still waiting for his/her last paycheck.
• "What’s LinkedIn?"
• She's already planning for Hillary in 2016.

Any other ideas?

Word up

Nifty keyword visualization courtesy of Wordle:

:: omnivorous blog [1.29.09 cover]

The Declaration of Independence

George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words"

From the digital attic

Ads banners get a bad wrap. So when done well, executions like this for Apple or Panadol really break through. While archiving some ancient Zip discs recently, I stumbled upon my very first banner attempt. It was for a very 90's dot com, The Mining Company (now owned by It still managed to give me a bit of a chuckle 10+ years later, so I'm putting these locked away pixels out on parole.

Chronicling Logo Evolutions

Brand New, a blog about corporate and brand identity, released their annual review of Best and Worst Logos. Can you guess where this one for Animal Planet landed?

Always an interesting and thoughtful read. [And they've been kind to some past efforts]

| Bankrupt Bank Slogans |

And to think just months ago, these were perfectly fine tag lines. From Time Magazine's The List Issue:

1. Washington Mutual: "Whoo hoo!"

2. Lehman Brothers: "Where vision gets built"

3. AIG: "The strength to be there"

4. IndyMac: "You can count on us"

5. Capital One: "What's in your wallet?"

6. World Financial Group: "No family left behind"

7. Morgan Stanley: "World wise"

8. Security Pacific Bank: "Smarter Money"

9. Nationwide: "Protection"

10. T. Rowe Price: "Invest with confidence

| A Merry and a Happy |

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out. Presenting the 2008 Holiday Guide from SS+K. Featuring original do-it-yourself projects from me and my quirky SS+K colleagues to survive the holiday recession.

As seen on AGENCYSPY and Ads of the World.

| Spectra for TheFWA People's Choice |

Hope. Change. Sarah Palin. If you're having election withdrawls, then vote for Spectra Visual Newsreader in this year's The FWA — People's Choice Award. Thank you and may God bless the United States of America. And Holland. [We partnered with Fluid in the The Netherlands]

| Sprint's Super Widget |

Super well done widget dashboard from the "This is Now" Sprint campaign.

Here's the light version:

| France Invaders? |

Two months ago, this Space Invaders tile art earned a spot in the old iPhone. It was taken near Fulton Street in Downtown New York [Which isn't exactly the hippest place on earth]. Today the answer may be clearer. Invader is that you?

Thanks ViaComIT via NOTCOT for (possibly) solving the mystery.

| Hey Ya! Poladroid Picture Maker |

Poladroid downloadable app makes modern day digital pictures all groovy again. Just drag in your favorite image file and Poladroid will transform it to the height of the Seventies. True to form, there's no instant gratification either. You gotta wait for it to virtually develop. Just like the real thing. Swell.

| Witnessing Art As It Unfolds |

A few weeks ago omnivorous came across an article on some clever artwork by Geoffrey Raymond, based on Lehman Brother's epic collapse. As shell shocked workers were filing out of headquarters with cardboard boxes in tow, he invited them to grab a Sharpie and jot down their thoughts about newly former boss Richards Fuld onto his fresh painting. Since many of these professionals wouldn't dare comment to journalists, this was a brilliant window in. [It's safe to say no was exactly wishing Fuld well.]

Well today Raymond was at it again across from the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. This time with ex-Fed Head Alan Greenspan as his muse. And thanks to a few errands, omnivorous was there not just to see it unfold, but to become part of the art itself [third from top].

This sort of participatory art is very 2.0. With the immediacy of a blog post, Raymond is able to capture the present mood of these crazy economic times in a very modern way.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the paintings can be yours for the recession-special pricing of just $15,000.

Links: Geoffrey Raymond's Portfolio and The Year of Magical Painting blog

| Top Shelf Bar Gadgetry |

Reserve a spot between the Krups BeerTender and the Jagermeister Shot Machine for the Guinness Surger. With just a thin film of water under your pint glass, this ultrasonic gizmo shocks the nitrogen right out of the aluminum-canned Guinness, emulating the classic experience of getting it on draught. And since most American bars don't properly pour Guinness anyway, there's even less to miss. As the TV commercials say... "Brilliant!!!"

| PSA Recycles Subway Grate Street Art |

Artist Joshua Allen Harris does a Marilyn Monroe for Environmental Defense Fund.